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THE FEED At Festivals:

WINNER, Best Feature Film, 2011 Atlanta Horror Film Festival!
WINNER, Audience Choice/Fan Favorite, 2011 Horrorfind Weekend!
WINNER, Best Director - Steve Gibson, 2011 Horrorfind Weekend!
WINNER, 2011 EMPIXX Platinum Award for Best Feature!
WINNER, 2011 EMPIXX Gold Award for Original Music!
WINNER, Best Feature Film, 2011 Famous Monsters of Filmland/Imagi-Movies Film Festival!
WINNER, Best Paranormal Feature, 2011 Fear Fete Horror Film Festival!
WINNER, Claw Award - Best Director, Terror Film Festival 2011
WINNER, Honorable Mention, 2011 Tabloid Witch Awards! Honorable Mention, 2011 Tabloid Witch Awards!

NOMINATIONS, Ten Claw Award Nominations, Terror Film Festival!
(Best Actor - Chip Facka, Best Actress - Brianna Healey, Best Supporting Actor - Robert Frangione, Best Supporting Actress - Jody Horn, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best DP, Best Feature Film, Best Editing)
NOMINATION, Best Actor - Seth Drick, 2011 Fear Fete Horror Film Festival
NOMINATION, Best Horror Film, 2011 Tulsa International Film Festival!
NOMINATION, Scared to Death 2011, Killer Film Festival!

OFFICIAL SELECTION, Fargo Fantastic Film Festival!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, Shriekfest Film Festival!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, Scarefest Horror & Paranormal Convention!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, Shockerfest 2011!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, Frank N' Con Chop Cinema Film Festival 2011!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, Drunken Zombie Film Festival 2011!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, 2011 Action On Film International Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION, 2011 Fright Night Film Festival!
OFFICIAL SELECTION, 2011 Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival!


THE FEED Reviews:

REVIEW - Horror Indies
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REVIEW - Bloody Disgusting!
REVIEW - Rogue Cinema!
REVIEW - Pulp Movies!


THE FEED Interviews & Press:

INTERVIEW - Rogue Cinema!
INTERVIEW - Film Threat!
Local News Story - The Sunbury Daily Item! August 19, 2010 (pdf) Page 1 | Page 2


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